The Interest Is Low, But the Service Is High

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Due to an accident that occurred at work, I have had financial issues off and on for the last year. I have bad credit because of a few mistakes I made a few years ago, so the only type of loan I qualified for was an car title loan. But I needed money, so I contacted Same Day Auto Title Loan.  And I was able to get a loan using my car title as collateral. This was a huge relief because I needed to pay my medical bills, but I wasn’t getting reimbursed by my insurance company for another few weeks.

The accident I was involved in left me with a severe and lasting injury in my right leg. I have had to go through extensive surgery and physical therapy, all of which is incredibly expensive. My employer is paying for the majority through insurance, but they don’t always get the money I need when I need it. For example, I needed money for rent but I had also just paid for my physical therapy for the month. I needed money in the meantime so I wouldn’t default on my rent so I called Same Day Title Loan.

When I called, the process didn’t take long at all and I felt totally taken care of by their team. They walked me through the process and I never felt like they were trying to hide any fine print from me. And actually, an auto title loan is pretty straight forward anyway, so there wasn’t much to discuss. But I did have some questions for them that they were patient enough to work out with me.

I am so grateful that I found out about Same Day Auto Title Loan because they were able to get me the money I needed without needing to do a credit check or background check. All they needed was the title of my vehicle and I was able to get the cash right there, right then.

Having to go through an accident like I did was difficult and complicating to my finances. But with Same Day Auto Title, I was able to get the money I needed without any hassle. I was able to pay back the loan within a few weeks and it was great knowing that if I needed fast cash again, I know who to call.

At Same Day Auto Loan, the interest is low and the service was high. I wouldn’t want to get a loan from anyone else. I don’t like the idea of paying interest, but it wasn’t high at all and I wasn’t worries that I would be stuck paying it back forever. I felt safe and secure taking out a loan from Same Day Auto Loan.

2 Proven Tips To Suck More Online Affiliate Profits

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2 Proven Tips To Suck More Online Affiliate Profits

Author: Zack Lim

There are many tips that you can find from the internet on how you can suck more affiliate commissions for your business. Although there are more new strategies and information that are coming out on a daily basis, you will still need to make sure that the foundation of your business is strong so that you can apply the new strategies to your business. Here are 3 evergreen tips that you can use to suck in more profits.

The first thing that you can do is to start by doing one project at a time first. If you are not going to make money from one website, do you think you will be able to make more money by creating another 10 websites? Focus on making one website profitable by applying all the knowledge that you have learnt. If you are not making any money, this shows that you are not doing the right thing and you will want to read the guide or instructions again to ensure that you apply the strategy correctly.

The starting part will be slow as you will be doing many things for the first time. However, you will start to know the system to promote any website once you have taken enough action. If you do the correct task consistently over a period of time, you should see the increase in your profits. Since you now know the system to make one website profitable, the next thing you can do is to simple duplicate the whole marketing process to your next project.

The 2nd thing that you can do is to make sure that you constantly track the sales conversion of the product that you are promoting. You will want to ensure that you have selected a good product with good sales letter. You will want to do that because you want your customers to gain values from a good product and you want to get maximum profits from the amount of traffic that you drive to the website. You will want to know the numbers of sales that you get for every 100 unique targeted visitors that you drive to the product.

It will be a good idea to constantly change different lead product so that you will know which product gives you the best return of investment. A one percent increase in sales conversion will means that you will get 100% increase in profits.

Here are the 2 simple tips which you can use to suck in more affiliate profits. Apply these 2 tips to your business and you will be growing your business in the right direction.

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About the Author

And now I would like to invite you to claim your FREE Instant Access to my affiliate marketing 7-Day mini course when you visit

From Zack Lim – the internet affiliate marketer who has helped hundreds of people to start their own affiliate marketing business through

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Wealthy Affiliate – Profit Lance – What They Mean to Me

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Thanks for visiting our affiliate profit website. You will find the latest information, discussions about the pros and cons of each aspect, and also, a large community of readers who regularly share their ideas and opinions on the latest developments. It is as important now as it ever was to examine the issue carefully. After all, without the facts, how can we know we are making the right choice?

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Wealthy Affiliate – Profit Lance – What They Mean to Me

By Robert Hemken Jr

At fifty years old I am obviously past the prime of life… past the point of no return so to speak, yet I keep finding things that keep life interesting. I have done a lot of things the past fifty years and there is even more that I haven’t done yet. The older you get the more you realize all the things you haven’t had your shot at yet!

Wealthy Affiliate is one of those things in life that come along and make you stand up and take notice… sort of like when Niel Armstrong first stepped on the moon or when the Miracle Mets won the world Series. You some how knew that you just witnessed something never to be repeated and that things were never going to be the same again. Of course extremely negative things can do the same and there seems to be more of them to remember but always being the “glass is half full” kind of guy I prefer to concentrate on the positive.

I have blundered around the Internet a little over a decade or so, selling a few items on eBay and selling birds I raised on free classified sites. I really thought this was cool because to be able to make any money in the ventures I was involved in during the 70s and 80s required about $300 to $400 in long distant phone calls per month. Email actually devastated this experience!

However most of my peers just scoffed, thinking the Internet and especially making any money with it was just a fad combined with wishful thinking. They were contented to do things the same old ways that worked (or didn’t) in the past. I however wanted to move on. I knew there was potential in using the Internet as a sales vehicle and being a pure Affiliate Marketer gradually became an obsession, but didn’t know how I was going to fit in or even worse yet, were to get started!

My first eye opening discovery was Profit Lance and then the same month I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. I was so engrossed with Profit Lance that I didn’t actually join Wealthy Affiliate until a couple of months later. A couple of stumbling blocks for me was the fact that I was already a member of Profit Lance, a sort of “this is the horse I road in on” thing and I was apprehensive about the monthly membership fee of Wealthy Affiliate. I know, I ‘m a tard but you just had to be there!

I thought Kyle and Carson (creators of WA) were just a couple of young bucks full off…. well you know… hype? Every were I went (on the web, not actually every where!) it was Wealthy Affiliate this and Wealthy Affiliate that… finally, against my better judgment, I capitulated (nice big word huh) and caved in (should of just said that in the first place)… I joined fully expecting to be demanding my money back and feeling like a total idiot for even falling for such a scam. Guess what… nothing has been the same since.

All I heard at first was these snide little remarks from friends and family like “Sooo hows your little money makers doin?” or “Tard marketen ‘gain”. They were just ignored as I soaked up the “8 Week Action Plan” (6 week back then) and devoured further material on the Forum.

Just when I thought I had read all the content at Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson reached some kind of creative critical mass and starting adding all kinds of new material and awesome tools to further the learning experience.

There is no better place to learn the skills of Internet Marketing on the internet than Wealthy Affiliate.

What about Profit Lance? Well with hundreds of marketing schools available on the Internet I would have to say Profit Lance comes in second only to Wealthy Affiliate. It is a great training area and I still use them. One advantage is Profit Lance is a one time membership fee for life. I would recommend them if you were on a real tight budget. After the original $97 membership there is no further cost..

Wealthy Affiliate now cost $39 per month or $29 if you pay for a year in advance. This is the biggest bargain on the planet unless you are not interested in learning and would rather chase scams and get rich quick schemes the rest of your life.

About the Author: Robert E Hemken Jr – Original Article As a member of several online affiliate marketing schools, Robert has experienced the “Thrill of Victory” when learning to be successful at affiliate marketing. Check ’em out! Wealthy Affiliate | Profit Lance | Maverick Money Makers


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Affiliate Profit: Are You Losing Money?

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Many people want to know more about affiliate profit. Are you one of them? If so, you might find the following article helpful in your search for information. We hope you find some useful pointers.

Affiliate Profit: Are You Losing Money?

By Sam Parker

Dear Webmaster,

I have bad news for you: You are probably losing money and you didn’t pay attention to it! Let me explain…

When you joined affiliate programs you probably considered the following factors:

– The commission

– The conversion rate

The profit formula looks like a child play:

Commission x Conversion Rate = Your Profit

In fact there are three big pitfalls here and if you don’t manage them properly, your profit is at risk. Let consider them:

– Price: A high price means a higher affiliate commission for every sale but it may result also in a lower conversion rate… If the product is too expensive, nobody will buy. You shouldn’t be blinded by the promise of a very high commission. You should keep in mind that the best price is not the one that gives you the highest commission but the one that makes the highest profit. An optimized pricing that makes satisfied customers and satisfied affiliates is what you should look for.

– Refund Rate: Refunds can kill your marketing efforts! What are worth the sales you see in your account if customers request their money back? A lot of sales mean nothing unless you keep the money!

This is the whole responsibility of the merchant to keep refunds as low as possible. A site that sells well is good. A site that also keeps refunds very low is much better! There is only one way to keep refunds very low: To deliver very high quality services meeting customers’ expectations or going beyond what they could expect!

– Product quality: Quality is king! Quality makes superior conversion rates! Quality enables higher prices and better commissions! Quality keeps refunds as low as possible! In a word: Quality should be your compass. Don’t associate your business with low quality products or services. On the top of your list, promote only the very best. It will also keep your profit on top.

How much money are you losing today?

The money you earn and lose is significantly determined by the quality of the affiliate program you have selected as your top pick.

The question is: How do you measure what is more qualitative and what is less?

There is an objective criterion to use for answering this question and for optimizing your profit: The refund rate of your top affiliate program!

A high refund rate express clearly that lots of customers are not satisfied with what they get and that affiliates lose money on their sales. On the contrary, a low refund rates indicates a high level of satisfaction among customers and safe earning for affiliates.

If you get many refunds with your top affiliate program, you should understand that the quality of this program isn’t sufficient for keeping these customers satisfied and it doesn’t do the necessary job for securing your profit… You are losing money!

What are good, medium and poor refund rates?

Refunds can’t be totally avoided. There will always be customers that are not satisfied even for the most qualitative product or service. So, expecting a zero refund rate on the long run is not realistic. You should wish a refund rate as low as possible in your industry. It’s important to consider that there can be significant variations from one industry to another but as a rule of thumb you can use the following scale:

2% or less: Excellent

3% – 5%: Good

6% – 10%: Medium

11% – 15%: Poor

16% – 20%: Very Poor

21% or higher: Run away!

With a 5% or less refund rate you can be happy. Your affiliate program is reliable and your profit is secured. With a 6%-10% refund rate, you should monitor closely your merchant performance to ensure it doesn’t get worst. It would be advised to scan the market for a better alternative if you can find one. With an 11%-20% (or higher) refund rate you should be very concerned with your profit. Whatever your industry is, you are bleeding and there is probably a better affiliate program to promote.

What is the refund rate of your top affiliate program?

There are two ways to find the refund rate of an affiliate program:

1) Look at the stats supplied by your affiliate program

Do your math as following: Refunds / Sales = Refund Rate

Let say you make 1000 sales per month, you get a $23.50 commission per sale and about 160 customers request their money back every month. Your refund rate is 160 / 1000 = 16%. In that case it means that you should have earned $23,500 for your sales but you will get only $19,740 because of the refunds. You lost here 16% of your profit or $3,760!

You can ask yourself: Is it only I or all affiliates for this program get similar numbers? If you use Clickbank to promote affiliate programs, you can get the big picture about the whole community of affiliates that promote an affiliate program.

2) Using Clickbank payout stats to calculate the average refund rate of a program.

In its marketplace, Clickbank publishes payout stats for affiliate programs. The $Earned/Sale factor gives us exactly what we need to calculate the average refund rate of a program.

The $Earned/Sale is the average net amount earned per affiliate per referred sale. This number is mainly impacted by refunds and it reveals the real commission earned by affiliates. With this number, you can have an inner look at the real performance of affiliates programs.

The average refund rate of an affiliate program is:

(Commission – $Earned)/Commission = Average Refund Rate

What is the refund rate of popular affiliate programs at Clickbank?

As an example, we have looked at three affiliate programs selling paid surveys databases. We have found their refund rates very high! You will be surprised at discovering how much money affiliates can lose when promoting these programs:

– SurveyScout: 16.2% refund rate!

– Survey Platinum: 20.9% refund rate!

– My Consumer Survey: 35.2% refund rate!

To get into the details, on November 29th 2005 figures were as following:


Affiliate Commission: $23.50

Average $Earned/Sale: $19.69

Refund Rate: (23.50 – 19.69) / 23.50 = 16.2%

Example: For 100 referred sales you should earn $2,350. In fact you will get only $1,969 because 16 customers out of 100 have requested their money back!

Survey Platinum

Affiliate Commission: $23.50

Average $Earned/Sale: $18.58

Refund Rate: (23.50 – 18.58) / 23.50 = 20.9%

Example: For 100 referred sales you should earn $2,350. In fact you will get only $1,858 because 21 customers out of 100 have requested their money back!

My Consumer Survey

Affiliate Commission: $40.84

Average $Earned/Sale: $26.43

Refund Rate: (40.84 – 26.43) / 40.84 = 35.2%

Example: For 100 referred sales you should earn $4,084. In fact you will get only $2,643 because 35 customers out of 100 have requested their money back!

Remark: My Consumer Survey has a poorly designed site and a higher price for buyers. We estimate its conversion rate to be significantly lower than other paid surveys programs. Despite its high commission, affiliates will lose the most money with this program.

We learn three lessons about these paid surveys affiliate programs:

– A lot of customers are dissatisfied.

– Affiliates lose big money.

– The quality of these programs is very questionable.

What should you do to stop the bleeding?

You have no influence on the quality of the affiliate programs you promote. Your only real influence is on the quality of your recommendation!

Giving your top recommendation to a very professional affiliate program that delivers the utmost quality services to customers will keep your profit as high and as safe as possible.

In the field of paid surveys and mystery shopping jobs, the most professional program available today is Maximum Paid Surveys.

Maximum Paid Surveys is a premium database of paid surveys and mystery shopping jobs. It delivers a superior value to both registered users and affiliate partners due to its very high quality.

How to identify quality in affiliate programs?

Defining quality is a difficult job. In general, people can’t define clearly what quality is but they recognize it when they see it. So what should you look at in affiliate programs?

The most qualitative affiliate programs find the right balance between the value they offer to customers and the value they generate to affiliates:

1. Value to customers – It includes:

– Rich content

– Good looking website

– State-of-the-art organization

– Friendly functionality

– Affordable Price for most visitors

– Detailed documentation

– Bonuses strengthening the main offer

– Timely Customer Support

2. Value to affiliates – It includes:

– High conversion rate

– High commission

– Low refund rate

– Commission paid on time

– Good affiliate support

About the Author: Sam Parker is a managing partner at Maximum Paid Surveys, a premium database of paid surveys and mystery shopping jobs. Maximum Paid Surveys brings superior value to affiliate partners and to registered members by delivering the most professional resource of paid opportunities on the Internet.


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Thanks for visiting our affiliate profit website. You will find the latest information, discussions about the pros and cons of each aspect, and also, a large community of readers who regularly share their ideas and opinions on the latest developments. It is as important now as it ever was to examine the issue carefully. After all, without the facts, how can we know we are making the right choice?

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By M.L. Petersen

As affiliate marketers everything we do is aimed at driving traffic to our site, squeeze page, affiliate sales letter or blog. We write articles with our webpage URL in the recourse box for a back link We comment on other affiliate marketing blogs and make forum posts. We bookmark our articles on our favorite social bookmarking sites.

Why do we post comments on another marketers blog? Are we commenting to provide more quality content or are we posting a comment to get credit for a backlink?

After looking at blog post comments for a period of time I’m convinced that most of the blog

commentors are commenting for the backlink and not to provide quality information. I am not talking about those demented individuals that post fowl mouthed comments. I am talking about those comments that say “nice post”, “you have a good idea there”. Those comments add nothing to the information presented on the blog post. This is the reason many blogs have a no follow tag. Search engine spiders do not recognize a url with a no follow tag and. hence, no back link credit for the commenter.

Do we bookmark our articles on social bookmarking sites for exposure for our articles or to get backlink credit.

From what I have seen of the social bookmarking sites is that most bookmarks provide a backlink and maybe a clicks on your url. Bookmarking on several social sites will give several backlinks. At times your article bookmarked will become very popular and go viral. Should that happen the many clicks on your website affiliate link way over shadows the value of a backlink. This does happen. I would heartily recommend you bookmark your quality articles and then cross your fingers.

Do we visit and comment on the forums with signature file in place in hopes some forum visitor will click on our signature file link or are we posting to forums to get backlinks?

Some of the more popular forums have a nofollow tag. Not all just some. Form posters were using some sneaky tactics to include several backlinks in each post and the forum administrators countered with making all of the links nofollow links. Posting on those sites will give exposure to your url for a forum visitor to click on, but, no backlink credit..

There are still plenty of dofollow forum sites around to join and post for backlink credit. A word of caution. Many forum followers feel that Google is able to differentiate between those that post only to dofollow forums and/or blogs those that post to the dofollow and nofollow blogs. The thinking is that those posting to dofollow only is not a way the backlinks would naturally occur. A slap may result. I am going to play it safe and include both for awhile anyway.

There is an online site that invites you to post information on their site and you get a backlink for doing that. Beneath your information post they place your link along with a snap shot of your site’s home page.

I have been posting on their site to determine if doing so is really helping me. This site is called Qondio. I would say the site is between a social bookmarking site and article site. Probably closer to a bookmarking site.

About the Author: Maurice Petersen is an affiliate marketer who uses article marketing to bring traffic to his site. For an excellent free special report on affiliate marketing click on 3 Keys To Creating Big-Time Commission Checks.


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Many readers have given us feedback to say they are going to tackle their affiliate profit in a very different way as a result. Will you?

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Affiliate marketing – Pay per lead versus pay per click programs

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The affiliate marketing programs are quickly gaining popularity over the Internet. These programs are important both for the merchant and the affiliate marketer. These programs help in earning money through the promotion of the products and services of the merchant. In case of the affiliate programs, the affiliate is required to incorporate the link of the merchant’s website in his/her own website. This helps in promotion of the merchant’s products and services and on the other hand helps the affiliate to earn revenues for the promotion. Now, there are various ways in which the affiliate can paid depending in the type of the program. There are various kinds of affiliate marketing programs like the pay per lead affiliate marketing, pay per click affiliate marketing or pay per sale affiliate marketing and so on.

Pay per lead versus pay per click

The pay per lead affiliate marketing programs are the ones where the affiliate gets paid only after a lead gets generated. The payments are done based on the number of leads that are generated. In order to earn money through the pay per lead affiliate marketing programs you will have to know what lead means. When a visitor coming to your website clicks on the link given by the merchant and after checking the website of the merchant gets interested in the products or services of the merchant, he/she can think of providing personal derails as required by the merchant. As a result, that person may fill up an online form or sign up page asking for some personal information. This is known as lead generation as the merchant can get the information from you, the affiliate and the contact the concerned person for the sales purpose.

On the other hand, the pay per click programs are the ones where you get the payments based on the number of clicks on the link that has been provided by the merchant. In general, the concept of affiliate marketing is that after you include a link in your website as the affiliate, the visitors coming to your website clicks on the link provided. As a result, they directly land up in the website of eth merchant. Now, the more the number of clicks, the more is the money that you may b able to receive. This is because, as the visitors land up in the merchant’s website, the possibility of them getting interested in the products and buying them increases. So, you get paid for increasing the possibility of sales.

Pay per click affiliate programs are much more profitable for the affiliates as people in general have a tendency to click on provided links. Moreover, in case of the pay per click programs, it is not a must that the visitor will have to buy the products or services. So, even if the visitor does not buy any item, you get paid simply on the click. However, the pay per lead affiliate programs are much more advantageous for the merchant as this truly increases the chance of sales.


Squidoo is a Great Article Marketing Directory

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Squidoo is a Great Article Marketing DirectorySquidoo is a great article marketing directory.  We love Squidoo!  They have such a
great and addictive site and it generates great traffic!  The fun of the site in itself is
what attracts the visitors.  You have to go and check out this cool site.  Submitting
articles is free and has all these great little perks to help expose your articles.  The site
is based upon cartoon sea creatures and squids.  You receive trophies and rankings for
great articles and achievements to your lenses.  It?s almost like you have your own
website for your article.
You can change everything about the appearance of your lens just for starters and
many more options out the ears.  They have different modules you can put on your
lenses, such as a direct RSS feed to your blog, your favorite links, a place for your
readers to submit a question or comment to you or about your article, and you can
even make a little extra money by promoting Amazon products related to your niche in
your article.  They have forums that you can also go into and do your promoting there
as well, and spread the word for other writers to check out your new article.  You gain
followers and potential customers by providing them with your links to your sites and
products.  If you are going to be spitting out articles you definitely have to go and
check out Squidoo!  They are awesome, and a great traffic tactic!
Much like Squidoo, Hubpages is another well know article directory where you can
submit your articles for free.  At Hubpages, you simply sign up for an account and then
you can start with what they call a hub. This is where you place all your articles. You
can add modules and other things to customize your page.  Hubpages has multiple ad
companies that you can sign up with where you can place ads on your hubs of the
products that are related to your article.  You can allow Google Adsense, Amazon,
Kontera, and eBay to have ads posted on your hub, and when the readers click and buy
from your hub, you get 60% of the commission for the sale and 40% goes to
Hubpages for hosting the ad on the hub.

Affiliate Marketing Traffic Tactics

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Affiliate Marketing Traffic Tactics Viral Marketing

If you are unfamiliar with the term viral marketing, we are assuming you interpret the
term to be some type of “black hat” tactic.  Many others would associate this term with
a type of pc “virus.”  The fact is none of this is true.  The phrase viral marketing
actually does root from the word “virus,” but this refers to the marketing campaign
itself “spreading” like a virus.  Very similar to a chain letter as we all know of, and
those hundreds of text messages your dumb friends send you that say, “send this to 10
people or else…!”  That?s a form of viral marketing.

Instead of you hopping around all day trying to make your way through the mumbo
jumbo, and regurgitated mass of words that makes no sense, let me explain to you the
simplicity of viral marketing.  You are using the internet on sites like Facebook,
Twitter, MySpace, Ning, Digg, MSN, and Yahoo, to post any type of message you would
like.  You can do this message by ebook, video, e-mail, and downloadable software.  By
sharing this stuff, once a person gets it, it becomes “viral.”  That person gives it to
another, and that person gives it to five, and those five people give it to five people
they know… you see where we are going here.  This is a fast and effective way
without spending a lot of time to gain valuable traffic.

Press Releases

A press release can be used for many things such as the launching of a new product,
the specific prestige and accomplishments of a company, or a joint venture with other
affiliate business owners. This can be done by simply submitting your press release to
different directories.  Press releases talk about the facts and cold hard news, unlike
article marketing that is written on explicit interest areas that are in mind.  Press
releases are aimed at getting your online business the exposure that it needs to drive
the traffic to your site.   The title of your press release needs to identify who, what, why, when, and how.  You
must grasp the attention of the readers and make it keyword rich.  The press release
should be compelling and packed with a “punch.” The first 100 words should have
your most important content.  Write about the most recent issues that have straight
impact on your online business.  And last but not least, keep it short and sweet and to
the point.

Niche Affiliate Marketing

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Niche Affiliate MarketingIn this chapter we will be dissecting niche affiliate marketing.  This perhaps is one
of the most profitable and popular internet marketing businesses around today.  It is
quite easy to start up compared to other categories of marketing. There is little start-
up, and the real cool thing is you don?t have to have your own products. You are the
modern day traveling salesman of the internet, knocking on the doors of every
individual?s computer of the world.  And just like in the yester years the traveling
salesman gets the commission on his sales.  The cool part today is the only place you
travel is to your computer.  Now, your range of customers is not just 10 miles or 100
miles, but now worldwide.

Imagine a door to door salesman knowing exactly which doors to knock on, which ones
would buy, and which ones were profitable niches to sell.  Well, let us just say those old
traveling salesmen with the suitcases would be quite jealous of marketers now because
the power is in our hands with the strategies and technologies we have today.
Now let us say this, we do agree that you should love what you do, when it comes to
work.  We sure wouldn?t want to do some niche on something that was boring, and
sucked that we didn?t like, and probably along with the rest of the free world.   You
should however try to find a niche that will be profitable!  You have to find something
that you like, or at least remotely interested in because even if your site is awesome
and your niche is kicking and you hate it…. your life is going to suck!
Now, we have established the fine line between finding something that you are
interested in, and finding something that?s going to be profitable. That?s the most
important thing people, finding the profitable niche.  Without that profitable niche, then
you might as well be performing a hobby.

Your niche should also be something you have a little sense about.  Believe us people
we wouldn?t be doing a niche on knitting.  We don?t know how to knit, and to be quite
frank, we couldn?t spit out enough unique and original content. Even if we could we
would probably rather slam our heads in a car door everyday rather than to get up and
try to produce content on knitting!  We know your probably rolling in the floor now
laughing, but we are just being honest.

You are going to need to produce good, original content for your sites to perform well
in search engines and also for your audience?s appeal.

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