The Interest Is Low, But the Service Is High

November 27, 2012 by  
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Due to an accident that occurred at work, I have had financial issues off and on for the last year. I have bad credit because of a few mistakes I made a few years ago, so the only type of loan I qualified for was an car title loan. But I needed money, so I contacted Same Day Auto Title Loan.  And I was able to get a loan using my car title as collateral. This was a huge relief because I needed to pay my medical bills, but I wasn’t getting reimbursed by my insurance company for another few weeks.

The accident I was involved in left me with a severe and lasting injury in my right leg. I have had to go through extensive surgery and physical therapy, all of which is incredibly expensive. My employer is paying for the majority through insurance, but they don’t always get the money I need when I need it. For example, I needed money for rent but I had also just paid for my physical therapy for the month. I needed money in the meantime so I wouldn’t default on my rent so I called Same Day Title Loan.

When I called, the process didn’t take long at all and I felt totally taken care of by their team. They walked me through the process and I never felt like they were trying to hide any fine print from me. And actually, an auto title loan is pretty straight forward anyway, so there wasn’t much to discuss. But I did have some questions for them that they were patient enough to work out with me.

I am so grateful that I found out about Same Day Auto Title Loan because they were able to get me the money I needed without needing to do a credit check or background check. All they needed was the title of my vehicle and I was able to get the cash right there, right then.

Having to go through an accident like I did was difficult and complicating to my finances. But with Same Day Auto Title, I was able to get the money I needed without any hassle. I was able to pay back the loan within a few weeks and it was great knowing that if I needed fast cash again, I know who to call.

At Same Day Auto Loan, the interest is low and the service was high. I wouldn’t want to get a loan from anyone else. I don’t like the idea of paying interest, but it wasn’t high at all and I wasn’t worries that I would be stuck paying it back forever. I felt safe and secure taking out a loan from Same Day Auto Loan.

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