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By M.L. Petersen

As affiliate marketers everything we do is aimed at driving traffic to our site, squeeze page, affiliate sales letter or blog. We write articles with our webpage URL in the recourse box for a back link We comment on other affiliate marketing blogs and make forum posts. We bookmark our articles on our favorite social bookmarking sites.

Why do we post comments on another marketers blog? Are we commenting to provide more quality content or are we posting a comment to get credit for a backlink?

After looking at blog post comments for a period of time I’m convinced that most of the blog

commentors are commenting for the backlink and not to provide quality information. I am not talking about those demented individuals that post fowl mouthed comments. I am talking about those comments that say “nice post”, “you have a good idea there”. Those comments add nothing to the information presented on the blog post. This is the reason many blogs have a no follow tag. Search engine spiders do not recognize a url with a no follow tag and. hence, no back link credit for the commenter.

Do we bookmark our articles on social bookmarking sites for exposure for our articles or to get backlink credit.

From what I have seen of the social bookmarking sites is that most bookmarks provide a backlink and maybe a clicks on your url. Bookmarking on several social sites will give several backlinks. At times your article bookmarked will become very popular and go viral. Should that happen the many clicks on your website affiliate link way over shadows the value of a backlink. This does happen. I would heartily recommend you bookmark your quality articles and then cross your fingers.

Do we visit and comment on the forums with signature file in place in hopes some forum visitor will click on our signature file link or are we posting to forums to get backlinks?

Some of the more popular forums have a nofollow tag. Not all just some. Form posters were using some sneaky tactics to include several backlinks in each post and the forum administrators countered with making all of the links nofollow links. Posting on those sites will give exposure to your url for a forum visitor to click on, but, no backlink credit..

There are still plenty of dofollow forum sites around to join and post for backlink credit. A word of caution. Many forum followers feel that Google is able to differentiate between those that post only to dofollow forums and/or blogs those that post to the dofollow and nofollow blogs. The thinking is that those posting to dofollow only is not a way the backlinks would naturally occur. A slap may result. I am going to play it safe and include both for awhile anyway.

There is an online site that invites you to post information on their site and you get a backlink for doing that. Beneath your information post they place your link along with a snap shot of your site’s home page.

I have been posting on their site to determine if doing so is really helping me. This site is called Qondio. I would say the site is between a social bookmarking site and article site. Probably closer to a bookmarking site.

About the Author: Maurice Petersen is an affiliate marketer who uses article marketing to bring traffic to his site. For an excellent free special report on affiliate marketing click on 3 Keys To Creating Big-Time Commission Checks.


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Obviously, there is a lot more to know about affiliate profit. This brief article is just a start, and the next step is to do some more research. In any case, the tips in the article set the stage for a more detailed treatment of the subject.
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