Affiliate marketing – Pay per lead versus pay per click programs

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The affiliate marketing programs are quickly gaining popularity over the Internet. These programs are important both for the merchant and the affiliate marketer. These programs help in earning money through the promotion of the products and services of the merchant. In case of the affiliate programs, the affiliate is required to incorporate the link of the merchant’s website in his/her own website. This helps in promotion of the merchant’s products and services and on the other hand helps the affiliate to earn revenues for the promotion. Now, there are various ways in which the affiliate can paid depending in the type of the program. There are various kinds of affiliate marketing programs like the pay per lead affiliate marketing, pay per click affiliate marketing or pay per sale affiliate marketing and so on.

Pay per lead versus pay per click

The pay per lead affiliate marketing programs are the ones where the affiliate gets paid only after a lead gets generated. The payments are done based on the number of leads that are generated. In order to earn money through the pay per lead affiliate marketing programs you will have to know what lead means. When a visitor coming to your website clicks on the link given by the merchant and after checking the website of the merchant gets interested in the products or services of the merchant, he/she can think of providing personal derails as required by the merchant. As a result, that person may fill up an online form or sign up page asking for some personal information. This is known as lead generation as the merchant can get the information from you, the affiliate and the contact the concerned person for the sales purpose.

On the other hand, the pay per click programs are the ones where you get the payments based on the number of clicks on the link that has been provided by the merchant. In general, the concept of affiliate marketing is that after you include a link in your website as the affiliate, the visitors coming to your website clicks on the link provided. As a result, they directly land up in the website of eth merchant. Now, the more the number of clicks, the more is the money that you may b able to receive. This is because, as the visitors land up in the merchant’s website, the possibility of them getting interested in the products and buying them increases. So, you get paid for increasing the possibility of sales.

Pay per click affiliate programs are much more profitable for the affiliates as people in general have a tendency to click on provided links. Moreover, in case of the pay per click programs, it is not a must that the visitor will have to buy the products or services. So, even if the visitor does not buy any item, you get paid simply on the click. However, the pay per lead affiliate programs are much more advantageous for the merchant as this truly increases the chance of sales.


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