The Definition of Affiliate Marketing

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The Definition of Affiliate MarketingThe definition of affiliate marketing -is the promotion of a third party product, in
exchange for a percentage of the proceeds from any sales.  In the earlier years, these
sales were tracked on paper, but now modern affiliate marketers have very little to do
in the allocation in the payment of commissions.  Everything today is automated giving
them more time on actual marketing of the affiliate products.

Choosing a program for an income stream is commonly done by signing up with one of
the major affiliate product networks, Clickbank being the most dominating.  Once you
are signed up, this program is used to find suitable products that you can market from
within the affiliate network.  Once you pick your product, it?s simple, begin your
marketing process.

Many marketers use either paid forms of advertising, such as PPC (Pay Per Click), or in
the form of free advertising, such as writing articles, and publishing them with large
article directories, such as,, and  The
article itself will have a tracking link to your affiliate?s product, and if it?s clicked on and
the customer purchases the product, you make a commission on that product.

Many affiliate marketers create a website used to attract visitors.  On this site, the
affiliate marketer will place advertisements, such as banners or a text link, and offers
for different and various affiliate products.  In the event a visitor clicks and purchases a
product, you receive commission from that sale, that simple.

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