Squidoo is a Great Article Marketing Directory

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Squidoo is a Great Article Marketing DirectorySquidoo is a great article marketing directory.  We love Squidoo!  They have such a
great and addictive site and it generates great traffic!  The fun of the site in itself is
what attracts the visitors.  You have to go and check out this cool site.  Submitting
articles is free and has all these great little perks to help expose your articles.  The site
is based upon cartoon sea creatures and squids.  You receive trophies and rankings for
great articles and achievements to your lenses.  It?s almost like you have your own
website for your article.
You can change everything about the appearance of your lens just for starters and
many more options out the ears.  They have different modules you can put on your
lenses, such as a direct RSS feed to your blog, your favorite links, a place for your
readers to submit a question or comment to you or about your article, and you can
even make a little extra money by promoting Amazon products related to your niche in
your article.  They have forums that you can also go into and do your promoting there
as well, and spread the word for other writers to check out your new article.  You gain
followers and potential customers by providing them with your links to your sites and
products.  If you are going to be spitting out articles you definitely have to go and
check out Squidoo!  They are awesome, and a great traffic tactic!
Much like Squidoo, Hubpages is another well know article directory where you can
submit your articles for free.  At Hubpages, you simply sign up for an account and then
you can start with what they call a hub. This is where you place all your articles. You
can add modules and other things to customize your page.  Hubpages has multiple ad
companies that you can sign up with where you can place ads on your hubs of the
products that are related to your article.  You can allow Google Adsense, Amazon,
Kontera, and eBay to have ads posted on your hub, and when the readers click and buy
from your hub, you get 60% of the commission for the sale and 40% goes to
Hubpages for hosting the ad on the hub.

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