Niche Affiliate Marketing

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Niche Affiliate MarketingIn this chapter we will be dissecting niche affiliate marketing.  This perhaps is one
of the most profitable and popular internet marketing businesses around today.  It is
quite easy to start up compared to other categories of marketing. There is little start-
up, and the real cool thing is you don?t have to have your own products. You are the
modern day traveling salesman of the internet, knocking on the doors of every
individual?s computer of the world.  And just like in the yester years the traveling
salesman gets the commission on his sales.  The cool part today is the only place you
travel is to your computer.  Now, your range of customers is not just 10 miles or 100
miles, but now worldwide.

Imagine a door to door salesman knowing exactly which doors to knock on, which ones
would buy, and which ones were profitable niches to sell.  Well, let us just say those old
traveling salesmen with the suitcases would be quite jealous of marketers now because
the power is in our hands with the strategies and technologies we have today.
Now let us say this, we do agree that you should love what you do, when it comes to
work.  We sure wouldn?t want to do some niche on something that was boring, and
sucked that we didn?t like, and probably along with the rest of the free world.   You
should however try to find a niche that will be profitable!  You have to find something
that you like, or at least remotely interested in because even if your site is awesome
and your niche is kicking and you hate it…. your life is going to suck!
Now, we have established the fine line between finding something that you are
interested in, and finding something that?s going to be profitable. That?s the most
important thing people, finding the profitable niche.  Without that profitable niche, then
you might as well be performing a hobby.

Your niche should also be something you have a little sense about.  Believe us people
we wouldn?t be doing a niche on knitting.  We don?t know how to knit, and to be quite
frank, we couldn?t spit out enough unique and original content. Even if we could we
would probably rather slam our heads in a car door everyday rather than to get up and
try to produce content on knitting!  We know your probably rolling in the floor now
laughing, but we are just being honest.

You are going to need to produce good, original content for your sites to perform well
in search engines and also for your audience?s appeal.

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