Affiliate Marketing Traffic Tactics

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Affiliate Marketing Traffic Tactics Viral Marketing

If you are unfamiliar with the term viral marketing, we are assuming you interpret the
term to be some type of “black hat” tactic.  Many others would associate this term with
a type of pc “virus.”  The fact is none of this is true.  The phrase viral marketing
actually does root from the word “virus,” but this refers to the marketing campaign
itself “spreading” like a virus.  Very similar to a chain letter as we all know of, and
those hundreds of text messages your dumb friends send you that say, “send this to 10
people or else…!”  That?s a form of viral marketing.

Instead of you hopping around all day trying to make your way through the mumbo
jumbo, and regurgitated mass of words that makes no sense, let me explain to you the
simplicity of viral marketing.  You are using the internet on sites like Facebook,
Twitter, MySpace, Ning, Digg, MSN, and Yahoo, to post any type of message you would
like.  You can do this message by ebook, video, e-mail, and downloadable software.  By
sharing this stuff, once a person gets it, it becomes “viral.”  That person gives it to
another, and that person gives it to five, and those five people give it to five people
they know… you see where we are going here.  This is a fast and effective way
without spending a lot of time to gain valuable traffic.

Press Releases

A press release can be used for many things such as the launching of a new product,
the specific prestige and accomplishments of a company, or a joint venture with other
affiliate business owners. This can be done by simply submitting your press release to
different directories.  Press releases talk about the facts and cold hard news, unlike
article marketing that is written on explicit interest areas that are in mind.  Press
releases are aimed at getting your online business the exposure that it needs to drive
the traffic to your site.   The title of your press release needs to identify who, what, why, when, and how.  You
must grasp the attention of the readers and make it keyword rich.  The press release
should be compelling and packed with a “punch.” The first 100 words should have
your most important content.  Write about the most recent issues that have straight
impact on your online business.  And last but not least, keep it short and sweet and to
the point.

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