How Can Planning to Become an Affiliate Marketer?

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Are you planning to become an affiliate marketer? Then you need to know what each program offers you. While it takes time to investigate each enterprise’s program, it’s better than choosing one blindly.

Know and understand exactly what you are getting into before associating yourself with any affiliate program. Your time is valuable. You don’t want to waste it in a program that offers you little return on investment.

Upon exploring possible programs to engage in you will find there are affiliate programs across a broad spectrum of industries. We will look at four here, in four different industries  to give you an idea of what is out there. We will look at a liquidation industry program and a booksellers program. We will also look at a travel service program and an article-distribution service affiliate program. is a source for business surplus. People use them to buy or sell surplus merchandise. Their affiliate program pays partners a commission from successful transactions completed by users they refer to the marketplace. They also pay members for each unique bid generated. pays $25 for each seller and buyer transaction. They pay one dollar for each unique bid. They also provide live support in the form of an Affiliate Manager and they offer monthly cash prizes to affiliate partners.

Amazon pays members of their affiliate program in two distinct ways. They have a classic-fee program and a performance-fee program. With the performance-fee structure, an affiliate marketer earns more the higher their referrals  up to fifteen percent in commissions. Their classic-fee structure pays a basic four percent flat rate on referrals. Amazon allows affiliate members to choose a program that suits their business. They also allow them to change their program option as well.

Amazon pays their affiliate partners monthly. They also offer their affiliates’ an area on their site where members can access traffic and earnings statistics. In addition, they provide their affiliates various formatted links for their websites.

BookingWiz allows users of their site to compare air, hotel, and car rental prices from the best online travel agencies. They do not pay affiliate members per booking. Instead, they pay affiliates’ per search. Their payment structure is simple, at $0.35 per click. They pay on a monthly basis, as well as provide cut and paste code for your website. They also provide daily statistics to track your performance.

Article Marketer is one of the more popular article distribution services. Their affiliate program pays twenty-five percent commissions on any subscription sales an affiliate provides them. They also pay a five percent tier two commission whenever someone an affiliate refers makes a sale. They ensure that an affiliate’s referral stays connected to them for life.

In other words, if you refer someone, and they buy again later, you still get a commission on that sale. It doesn’t matter how far down the road that subsequent sale occurs.

Article Marketer pays affiliates’ monthly. They have an Affiliate Marketers Blog where their members can learn how to be better marketers. In addition, they provide affiliates’ real time tracking of their orders and commissions. They also offer promotional materials including banners, linking codes, special offers and promotions, sales copy, and articles. Article Marketer provides their partners that all-important live support with an Affiliate Program Manager as well to advise them.

It is often overwhelming exploring the affiliate programs that exist today. The above are just a few examples of what is available on the market. It’s best to choose a program that provides you the live support you need to grow as an Internet marketer.

Look for programs that offer good commissions and that pay them monthly. Signing up with a good affiliate program is the right way to begin your new affiliate marketing adventure.


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