Making Money with Adsense For Domains

According to Google, its advertising product AdSense for Domains (“AFD”) “is designed to provide relevant search results and advertisements to website owners, who typically display those results on websites that have been registered but not yet developed.”

A simplified description of this adsense product is as follows. Historically, when one typed into a search engine a web address or a domain name that did not have a developed website associated with it, the user would generally see an error message or simply a placeholder page indicating that the site was “under construction.” However, for participants in the AFD program, Google will generate search results, advertising (known at Google as “Sponsored Links”), related searches and common search terms for display on the undeveloped webpage which are relevant to the web address entered by the user. Google sends back this “content” to the AFD partner which plugs it into the webpage and presents it to the user who is conducting the search. According to Google, this all occurs in less than a second millions of times a day. If the user clicks on an advertisement ( i.e., Sponsored Link) for that webpage, the advertiser is billed a few cents which Google and the AFD partner share.

To signup just login to your google adsense account and you will see under the “Reports Section” in bold print on the lefthand side Adsense for Domains.

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