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The rapid growth of the Internet has had a definite impact on businesses of kinds and
local small businesses are no exception.

With the exclusion of service businesses like hair salons, restaurants, plumbers, etc..
people can easily go online to purchase products from anywhere across the globe. They no longer have to go to local department or gift stores and be limited to what the store has to offer. Instead they are open to endless variations and unique items.

But this doesn’t mean that local businesses should close up shop. As a matter of fact,
every business has the opportunity to tap into multiple profit streams by using affiliate

A local affiliate marketing small business can partner with many of the thousands of companies that offer to share a percentage of referred sales of their products or services. For example: if a local TV retail store isn’t partnered with Dish TV and potentially earning an additional $70 to $120 per customer sign up then shame on them. And if a local florist isn’t collecting email addresses and following up with gift items from a partnership from a gift company then they are losing out.

Local affiliate marketing for small business is unlimited with companies like: amazon.com, at&t, Sony, WalMart, ToysRUs, and many, many more behind you.

To truly take full advantage of affiliate marketing as a local small business it is vital that you start building a list if you haven’t started already. An email list would no doubt be the primary list that you’ll want to build, but don’t forget, a social networking list like facebookfans or even a text messaging list you can use to instantly relay specials to your customers.

Without a list you are dead in the water. And as all of the online companies gather your customers email addresses to keep in touch with them, you will sit at your store twittling your thumbs wondering why no one is coming through your doors.

Not only can you offer others products with local affiliate marketing but you can also design an affiliate program so that others can sell your products. If you have a product or service that can provide throughout the US or internationally you can expand your business quickly by letting affiliates sell them for you.

By doing this you are no longer a victim of Internet competition as you are a participant in online expansion. Take into serious consideration that the internet is only going to get larger and if you are not positioned to benefit from it, then you are guaranteed to fail as a result of it.

Devin Dozier is a Small Business Marketing Coach and offers more on Local Affiliate Marketing Small Business on his website Internet Affiliate Marketing also visit: Internet Affiliate Marketing
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